Bridge Lab Topics & Schedule

Each Bridge Lab topic will be conducted over a two week period.

Each will begin with an introdtuction to the topic, followed by a week of review and practice.

Handouts for each class will be distributed at the start of each weeks introductory session.

WEEK Class Topic
Sept. 12th 1:00 pm & 15th 9:30 am                                                       

Lesson 1 - Your First Opportunity to Start Counting: An

introduction to applying counting techniques to your game.

Sept. 19th 1:00 pm & 22nd 9:30 am

Lesson 1 review and practice.                                                                         


Sept. 26th 1:00 pm & Sept 29th 9:30 am

Lesson 2 - How Many High Card Points Does My Partner Have: 

Using the auction and play of the hand to analyze high card

point (HCP) distribution. 

Oct. 3rd 1:00 pm & Oct. 6th 9:30 am

Lesson review and practice.                                                                        


Oct. 10th 1:00 pm & Oct. 13th 9:30 am

Lesson 3 - Counting Sure Winners in No Trump Contracts: 

Planning the play (and defense) for playing No-Trumps.

Oct. 17th 1:00 pm & Oct. 20th 9:30 am

Lesson 3 review and practice.                                                                    


Oct. 24th 1:00 pm & Oct. 27th 9:30 am

Lesson 4 - Counting Losers in a Suit Contract: Determining the

deficiencies in the hand (losers) at suit contracts and planning

for the best outcomes.

Oct.31st 1:00 pm & Nov. 3rd 9:30 am

Lesson 4 review and practice.


Nov. 7th 1:00 pm & Nov. 10th 9:30 am

Lesson 5 - Rules for Opening Leads: Applying the rules of 10,11, &

12 for opening leads (defensive choices).                                                                                                                              

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