Bridge Labs - Topics & Schedule

Each Bridge Lab topic will be a 2-week class and includes a workbook or practice handouts.

An intro and in-depth discussion of the topic will occur week 1 and a general review week 2.


BRIDGE LABS                              TOPICS


DATES                                   BEGINNER                            INTERMEDIATE


April 3rd & 10th                             Takeout Doubles                          Cuebidding Controls



April 17th & 24th                           Opening 1 Bids                             Cuebidding in Support

                                                       & Responses                                of Major Suits


May 1st & 8th                                 Opener Rebids After                    Cuebidding in Support

                                                       Unlimited Responses                  of Minor Suits


May 15th & 22nd                            Opener Rebids After                    Help Suit Game Tries

                                                       Limited Responses


May 29th & June 5th                      Responder Rebids                       Splinter Bids After 1 of

                                                                                                              A Major Openings


June 12th & 19th                            No Trump – Includes                    Bergen Raises (Majors)

                                                        Stayman & Jacoby


June 26th & July 3rd                      Weak Two Openings                    Drury  

                                                        & Other Preempts


July 10th & July 17th                      Strong 2 Club Opening               Four Suit Transfers



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