Intermediate Bridge Class Topics & Schedule

The Intermediate bridge class will begin this season with an introduction to the Two Over One (2/1) bidding system.  The class will be six weeks in length (each Wednesday at 1:00 pm).  The class is roughly based on Paul Thurston's book, "25 Steps to Learning 2/1."  It is strongly suggested the participants obtain a copy of the book as a reference.  Handout materials will be supplied at the start of each weekly class session.

Sept. 7th           An introduction to 2/1.  Examining the general principles and tools used withing the system.
Sept. 14th Making raises and preempts plus applying 1NT forcing to the mix.
Sept. 19th Examining responders calls after partner's opening and problematic auction management.
Sept. 26th  Catch-Up Week - Review of concepts to date and additional practice hands to "Use" the system.
Oct. 5th Dealing with interference by the opponents, 3rd & 4th seat openers, and minor siut openings.
Oct. 12th Useful conventions for 2/1 (Fourth Suit Forcing/New Minor Forcing/Ingberman)
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