Monday Bridge Lab [1:30 pm]– (Beginners)

The fall (2023) beginner class will focus on reinforcing basic bidding skills utilizing workbooks to review narrowly defined topics at a very “in-depth” level.  Each class will meet twice per topic (workbooks 1 & 2 are combined for the first two weeks).  First, to reintroduce the topic or skill-set and again the following week to review and practice with live bidding exercises that complement the practice exercises in the workbook.




     Dates                    Topics

Sept. 11th

Opening Bids at the 1 Level  (workbook 1)

Sept. 18th

Responding to Opening Bids of 1 of a Suit (workbook 2)

Sept 25th

Opener Rebids: After an Unlimited Response (workbook 3)

Oct. 2nd

                          (workbook 3 REVIEW & Live Practice)

Oct. 9th

Opener Rebids: After a Limited Response (workbook 4)

Oct. 16th

                           (workbook 4 REVIEW & Live Practice)

Oct. 23rd

Responder Rebids (workbook 5)

Oct. 30th

                           (workbook 5 REVIEW & Live Practice)

Nov. 6th

No-Trump – Including Stayman and Jacoby Transfer (workbook 6)

Nov. 13th

                           (workbook 6 REVIEW & Live Practice)

Nov. 20th

Weak 2 Opens and Pre-emptive Bids (workbook 7)

Nov. 27th

                           (workbook 7 REVIEW & Live Practice)

Dec. 4th

Strong 2 Clubs – Including 2 Diamonds Waiting (workbook 8)

Dec. 11th

                           (workbook 8 REVIEW & Live Practice)

Jan. 8th

Takeout Doubles

Jan. 15th

                           (workbook REVIEW & Live Practice)

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