District 5 will host the annual qualifying event for pairs in flights A, B & C on September 30th and October 1st here at the Erie Bridge Club.

Game-time will be 11:00 am & TBA, following a provided lunch.

Game fees are $56 per person for the 2 day event.

The masterpoint stratification is:

Flight A - Unlimited

Flight B - 0 - 2500

Flight C - 0 - 500 Non-Life Master

The winning pairs in each flight [3 in A], [4 in both B & C] get the opportunity to represent Dustrict 5 at the North American Bridge Championships in the spring (Louisville).  [The A.C.B.L. does provide some financial assistance for travel expenses to the top finishing pairs.]

A special entry fee is offered for newer Flight C players participating in the bridge classes at the club.  Contact Steven Grzegorzewski for a discounted game fee for the weekend ($20 for the total event).  (He will need to pre-register you..)

Pre-Registration is required.  Contact NAP Coordinator Ron Franck [[email protected]] by 5:00 pm Wednesday 9/27.



The Bridge Lab is an educational opportunity [at the Erie Bridge Association] for newer and advancing players to hone their existing skills and develop new ones to improve their game and ability to compete at the table (and add to thier enjoyment of the game).


Each Beginner Series class is a two-week event which includes an extensive practice workbook on each topic.  The topic is discussed (in-depth) the 1st week and then reviewed after participants complete the practice exercises in the workbook in week 2, along with live practice hands to bid and review as well. 

The Intemediate Series has either workbooks or practice handouts that accompany the weekly topical lesson.


Monday – (Beginner Series) – 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm

Topics will focus on reinforcing many of the concepts and skills learned during the EasyBridge Series classes.


Friday – (Intermediate Series) – 1:30 – 3:30 pm

Topics will focus on more advanced skills such as employing counting, cuebidding, and various game investigative or forcing techniques.


Use the links above for more information on either Lab:


The results are in!  Thanks to all who pitched in to make the fall sectional a fun and successful event.  To see a list on masterpoint winner use the link below.



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