Beginning Bridge 1 by Patty Tucker provides all of the basic understanding for the game of bridge.  The course will cover basic Mechanics, Notrump and Suit play, Hand evaluation, and basic Bidding, along with some standard conventions (Stayman & Jacoby Transfers) used for No trump auctions.

Students will begin playing bridge during the 1st class.  Beginning Bridge 1 is an 8 week course that will meet once per week and is accompanied by the textbook.  Each weekly class is approximately 2 1/2 hrs.  The course cost is $100 per student.

Two seperate courses are offered with the following start dates:

Monday April 1st - (6:30 p.m.)

Wednesday April 3rd - (1:00 p.m.)


For more information or to register, contact:

Steven Grzegorzewski (Instructor/Director)

[email protected]

(814) 573-4743


EasyBridge! 3 classes continue in April:

Wednesday evenings at 6:00 p.m. 

Each class will be a short lesson from the EB3! text (10 weeks) and follow with Stratified play in the Wednesday evening game at 6:30 p.m.  


Bridge Labs - Classes will address a variety of components of the game that will focus on improving basic (beginner level) and advancing (intermediate level) skills such as bidding systems, play of the hand, defense, counting, applied conventions, etc.

Each biweekly Basic Level Lab (Monday) instructional class will focus on one specific topic.  In week 1 the primary concept and practice hands will be discussed and a set of practice material (or workbook) will be distributed for participants to practice at home.  The practice work will be reviewed along with a concept review the following week.

Friday Labs (Intermediate Level) will meet for a specific topic weekly.  The Spring series schedule will be posted soon.

Cost for the Monday Beginner Bridge Labs is $ 20 per 2 week session (class).  The Friday Intermediate Bridge Labs will be $ 10 per class (Practice workbooks or handouts will be provided as needed for individual topics.)  [Books for classes based on a book must be purchased seperately.]

Bridge Labs will meet:

Mondays (basic topics) starting at 1:30 pm.

Fridays (intermediate topics) starting at 1:30 pm.

For additional information or to register for classes, contact us by calling the club (814) 833-1706 or the instructor directly, Steven Grzegorzewski (814) 573-4743 or email [email protected].  You can use the drop-down menu under the "Lessons" button in the left sidebar to access a registration page.  You can also contact us via email [email protected].

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