Friday Bridge Lab [1:30 pm]– (Intermediate)

The fall 2023 intermediate class will begin with a focus on improving play-of-the-hand skills through developing and applying counting skills and techniques.  A new topic will be covered each week.  This fall Counting at Bridge series contains eleven segments.  It will be followed by a 5 week series on Opening Leads and Signals.

Each of the books should be purchased for the classes.  They are available on Amazon and

Counting at Bridge, Dianne Aves

Opening Leads And Signals, John Mallon




   Dates                      Topics

Nov. 3rd

Counting Declarer’s High-card Points (Ch 8)

Nov. 10th

No Class

Nov. 17th

Counting Declarer’s Tricks (Ch 9)

Dec. 1st

Show-outs and Counting Distribution (Ch 10)

Dec. 8th

Counting Distribution as Defenders (Ch 11)

Dec. 15th

No Class

Dec. 22nd

No Class

Dec. 29th

No Class


Opening Leads and Signals (Part 1)   [Notrump Contracts]

Jan. 19th

Opening Leads and Signals (Part 2)   [Trump Contracts]

Jan. 26th

Opening Leads and Signals (Part 3)   [The Card to Lead & Slams]

Feb. 2nd

Opening Leads and Signals (Part 4)   [Signals]


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